Thursday, August 16, 2007

Football, Anyone?

Why, you ask, is a picture of a vine at the beginning of this post? Well, it's the only flippin' thing outside that doesn't look dry and crunchy. (It's my Confederate Jasmine vine, and I guess being a vine, drought just can't kill it).

I'm so ready for this heat to cease and desist. I know that it's supposed to be hot in Georgia in August, but for the love of all things holy, does it have to be THIS hot? All I can say is that I'm glad I'm not 1. homeless 2. someone who has to work outdoors for a living. 3. any outdoor living creature (squirrels, bunnies, birds and the like) or 4. a roofer (I know I mentioned people who work outdoors, but to me roofers are in a category of their own, unless you count people who have to pour new asphalt roads).

I'm ready for college football-GO my beloved Tennessee Vols!, chili, fires in the fireplace or the outdoor chiminea (take your pick), and warm, cozy, hand knitted woolen sweaters and socks!! The one good thing about knitting in the summer is socks. They're not something that covers your lap and they're usually light weight. Which is good because I want to get my Hogwart's pal's socks finished. Well, I'd have to actually be finished with at least the first one to even contemplate being any where near finished, but it sounds impressive when I write it down. I had made pretty good progress, and was well down into the leg of the first one when I realized that I had made a BIG mistake in following the pattern, so it was off to frogging that I went. Pray for me, please.

Me and the dear husband are off the beach next weekend for a long weekend, so we'll see if I can make some major progress. Unless my toes in the sand and a drink in my hand prohibit me from some productive knitting (productive being the key word in that sentence).

Here's a pic of the uptown boot socks finished and on my feet( I couldn't leave them on long, cause they're a gift for a very, very special person. I really, really had intentions of making the socks for me, but since I like them so much, I want this special person to have them. I'll let you know how the recipient likes them once I can give them to her).
I really love that pattern and can't wait to try it again. I got some new Claudia's Handpainted sock yarn last week, and I may use that, or maybe not. I'm kind of ready for a plain vanilla sock, with no fancy pattern. More to come on that.

I'm off.... Steve became my personal trainer starting this past Monday, so I'd better get dinner ready before the sadistic, hateful, man comes home to torture me some more. Anyway, I felt that way about him last night and this morning when the soreness was at it's worst. Now, not so much.

Be productive knitters, or whatever you are.. crocheter, sewer, decorator, etc.

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Knit Witch said...

Amen.....I'm with you on it being too freakin hot here in the ATL!! theyarnwhisperer pointed me in your direction so I thought I would check out your blog! And, I too, am anxiously awaiting the football season! I really need to bone up on the players as we will be drafting for fantasy football in a couple of weeks. I'm a pro fan though - Redskins here....I know don't laugh. Every year I say the same thing - THIS is the year we go back to the Superbowl baby!!

Anyway, I'm Brittany, nice to meet you! You can check out my website/blog at Do you live in Atlanta or are you in Peachtree City aslo??