Sunday, August 19, 2007

6 degrees from Draco Malfoy

For those of you who aren't Harry Potter fans and read my blog, bear with me. For the sock swap I'm in, there's a contest that I have to pick 1 of 3 different characters in the book and link them to Draco Malfoy by 6 degrees (you know, the Muggle game "Six degrees from Kevin Bacon") and then post it on my blog. Here goes:
The Dursleys
1. Petunia is the sister of Lily
2. Lily married James Potter
3. James Potter is the best friend of Sirius Black
4. Sirius Black is the cousin of Nymphodora
5. Nymphodora is the niece of Narcissa Malfoy
6. Narcissa Malfoy is the mother of Draco Malfoy

I did it!!!!

Also, Makenzie and I went to the Grand Opening of the American Girl store in Atlanta yesterday. Talk about a zoo!! We were lucky since we had reservations to the Bistro and could walk right in, but even still the wait in line to pay for your merchandise was about an hour and a half! The people who didn't have reservations had to wait in a huge, long line that stretched through the mall and out the door and around the building. I also heard some of the employees say that they were in no way prepared for the mass of people who showed up. HELLO!!! Do they not have a marketing department (which I know they do, because they send me mucho amounts of catalogs and flyers in the mail in an effort to spend all of the money we've earned or ever will earn!) to prepare them for this? It's the only freakin' AG store in the whole southeastern corner of the country! Anyway, I have to admit the food was great (we had the fresh fruit and the roasted vegetable quiche), the Bistro staff was stupendous and all the staff of the store itself were friendly and helpful even in the line of fire of the mass of humanity that surrounded them. But to AG corporate office: You could stand to do a little more research before opening your Dallas store!

Enough venting, too much makes me a bitter person! Hope ya'll have a great Sunday. Sorry no pictures, next time O.K. darlins? (can you tell I've been reading Paula Deen's new biography?)


Lily Puddlemere said...

I love your Six Degrees! Nice job!

Your trip to the American Girl store yesterday sounds both delightful and crazy. I'm glad you were able to have a nice meal, even amidst all the chaos. I bet Makenzie enjoyed her special time with you!

Knit Witch said...

Love your "six degrees"! Very good! I didn't realize you are a friend of Melissa Dukes! Are you a nurse too?? What is it about us nurses and knitting?? Anyway, I have added you to my blog under "favorite blog sites". Will I meet you in Sept. also for the Yarn Harlot show??

theyarnwhisperer said...

Ok, bit, I got back a couple of hours ago from surviving The Yellow Daisy Festival with my three youngesters in tow and my husband off in Rome running Indie films for those with ecelctic film taste in Rome. Did you know that there were people in Rome with eclectic film taste?
Anyway, there were several vendors that had their photography on display. You can give them a run for their money any day, bit. You need to print some of your pics, mat them, frame them, and make you some money, girl. Then you could support your yarn habit!
There is a vendor there that I specifically went to see. Her name is Kati Russell and she does this abstract angel art. Its even more fabulous in real life than is posted on her webiste. However, you should google her and take a look. I know that you like angels. I got a few prints of hers and now between the prints and my 15 minute shopping extravaganza at Knitch I am going to have to eat peanut butter and jelly for like a month!

Knit Witch said...

Oh for pete's sake!!!! Update your blog will ya!!!!

theyarnwhisperer said...

C'mon, Bit. How do you ever expect to be a famous knitter if you don't blog more!

Calicoknits said...

Hey you slacker. Update this thing will ya?