Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm still here!

I'm still here folks. It's been a very busy previous two weeks. Week before last, Makenzie went to Camp H2O at the Georgia Aquarium and we also had 3 birthday parties . Two of them were in Fayetteville, about a 45 minute drive from our house (Happy Birthday Tammy and Brock!) and then the other was the Steve's (Happy Birthday, honey) party at our house. What with getting ready for his party, being gone every night that week, and then some serious yard work and redecorating the house, I only managed to work on my uptown boot socks and nothing else. Then this week I agreed to fill in for my manager at the hospital (I used to be the supervisor over L&D and mother-baby). Let's just say that when I stayed until 1:00 in the morning this a.m.(after getting there at 8:00 in the a.m.yesterday) I was beat down like a dog. And the rest of the week was no better-the new computer fetal monitoring system went down, the air conditioner broke for the whole hospital, and we were way out numbered in the nurse to patient ratio. I'm probably looking at about 50 hours of work this week, and it has throw my part-time self into a major tail spin. Anyone who's ever worked anywhere near a birth unit in July knows that there are better times of the year to be a nurse. So suffice it to say that there has been absolutely NO time for knitting. I 'm trying to tell myself, "suck it up cupcake, it could be worse", as the kids will tell you is our family motto. The one blessing was that my dad and step mom were able to keep the kids for a greater part of the week so that I didn't have to worry about them not having good care-what a blessing to have such great parents in my life. Still, Steve and I missed them both horribly and I don't think that we can go more than about a day or so without having them with us. It's nice to be home tonight, our happy little family in the nest. There's nothing like good Chinese food on a Friday night with some new knitting started. The new knitting is a sweater for my nephew. The Baby Albert coat just didn't feel right for me, I don't know if it was the yarn or what, so I started the Debbie Bliss Raglan baby sweater using Lion Brand's cotton ease. I love this yarn. I know that some knitters out there hate cotton, but I love the feel of it in every way, from how it is on the needles to the finished product. Hopefully I'll have some pictures of it to post next time.

Well, I'm off to join the Hogwarts sock swap II that starts today. (Most of this was drafted on Friday night with this last paragraph started on Sat morning. I was too tired to finish) -As yet another example of how bad the week has been, I haven't even been able to see The Order of the Phoenix, and that is highly unlike me, but I digress. Hopefully today will be a good one-the kids are having a "Harry Potter Fan Club party" for a couple of their friends, I'm going to join the sock swap, and we're going to see OofTP tonight. All that and knitting too, what a lucky girl I am!!!
P.S. I never got to post my 4th of July pics-here's one I liked a lot

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